6 science-backed ways to take better care of yourself  

by team nuut

so what is self-care to you?

we read a lot about self-care, and most of us think we know what wellness should look like and what we require to thrive. 

maybe it is listening to podcasts, getting a massage or writing a journal. perhaps you haven’t found the key to feeling better in yourself yet?

finding your groove

creating an understanding of what self-care looks like to you starts now. look around and see what makes you feel good and what doesn’t. what makes you feel fatigued? at what time of the day do you feel your best and worst? what makes you feel overwhelmed and anxious? what makes you feel really super-good?

once you start being aware of what you feel, you will understand what your own brand of self-care looks like.

here are some scientifically proven methods to try and get you on the path to taking the very best care of yourself.

get outside 

studies show that spending time in nature can be an antidote to stress. it helps you feel calm, lowers blood pressure and stress hormone levels, reduces nervous system arousal, enhances immune system function, increases self-esteem, reduces anxiety, and improves mood. stuck behind your desk? other research suggests that even looking at pictures of nature sparks positive activity in the brain. so no excuses - it’s easy being green.

get a high helping others

paying it forward makes others feel good and is excellent for your health, too. science shows daily acts of kindness help increase self-esteem, empathy and compassion and improves mood. significantly, it decreases blood pressure and cortisol, the stress hormone which directly impacts stress levels. being kind feels so good, it’s addictive. research shows the more generous you are, the more you feel like you want to be even more big-hearted. we’re in!

fuel your body with plants

science shows a daily diet of whole grains, good protein ‘packages’ and fruits and vegetables is essential at all stages of life, from young adulthood through planning for pregnancy, pregnancy, and into old age.

protein in particular is crucial for our bodily processes, including tissue building and repair. protein comprises amino acids classed as non-essential (made by the body) and essential (obtained through the diet). getting enough essential amino acids every day can be difficult for many. preparing a healthy, well-rounded diet is challenging, especially when you busy. nuut is powered by organic pea protein and formulated to be a convenient, plant-protein-rich meal on the go that provides 1/3 of your daily nutritional requirements. just add one sachet to water, shake and sip. nuut is naturally delicious and easy!

hug someone

did you know that cuddling is good for you? studies show that when we hug for 20 seconds or more, the close physical contact reduces stress and releases a hormone called oxytocin that boosts happiness.  scientists have also shown that hugging reduces blood pressure and heart stress and builds trust and a sense of safety. hug up nuuters!·

focus on the here and now

studies show that being present in the moment through mindfulness can improve our well-being and squash stress. mindfulness-based approaches for adults, especially those suffering chronic physical and mental health problems, are shown to be incredibly effective. being in the “here and now,” means awareness of what is happening at this moment; not being distracted by the past or worries about the future. try practicing mindful awareness of the present moment at any time, or cultivate a mindfulness meditation practice. ommmm….

enjoy some quiet

taking some quiet time allows us to pause and channel our energies, giving us the clarity we need to face daily challenges calmly. studies show that time spent practising each morning can be a time to collect thoughts, train our minds, and decide how we want to run the day.

sit or lie comfortably, close your eyes and simply breathe naturally. focus on the breath and how the body moves with each inhalation and exhalation. daily practice will improve your concentration and enhance meditation's benefits.