elevate - the wellness checklist

by team nuut

a nuut meal plan gives your body all the daily nutrients it needs while staying within your daily calorie goal for weight loss, glowing skin, more energy and deep sleep. the side perks include easier shopping, a more manageable budget, and that (smug;) feeling that you are doing something transformative for yourself.
whether it’s the 5:2, reset, keto, or signature, sticking to your nuut meal plan gives great results. yet, there are small daily practices to implement that elevate results and make you feel extra good.
benefits can include:
• reduced stress and anxiety
• more energy
• improved productivity
• increased immunity
• greater patience
• more resilience
• improved mood and emotional well-being
• better physical health
• more self-compassion and self-awareness
• a greater ability to care for and be present with others
here are some simple daily practices to elevate mind, body and soul:
• sleep in
• nuut (naturally)
• get some fresh air
• call a friend
• read something worthwhile
• dry your bedlinen in the sun
• batch and freeze meals ahead of time
• install water filters
• eat more greens
how do you elevate your day? Join the conversation at @nuutrition