how to smash your new year resolutions

by team nuut

it's already the middle of january, and if you committed to wellness resolutions this year, we’re wondering - how is it going so far?

a time to start afresh and set goals that elevate and benefit your life, new year's resolutions are a popular motivator for finally getting around to doing and achieving the things we've always wanted to do.

for many, however, sticking to these resolutions can be challenging, and within just a short time, we have often broken them and feel as if we have failed. a study by strava suggests that many of us toss in the towel by january 19th!

luckily there is still time to meet your goals. with a nuut in hand, here are some simple approaches to help you stay on track.

list your goals

when we write down our goals, we sense accountability, giving us a much higher chance of accomplishing them. jot them down on post-its and stick on the fridge, write them in a journal or scrawl them on your bathroom mirror. it's a good reminder of what you need to do each day and a great way to track your progress.

make them 1-year realistic goals

goals should be achievable and able to be realised within twelve months.

promising to never eat fast food is setting yourself up for failure, but aiming to cut back every week is achievable and, when kept track of, can be a reason to celebrate at the end of the year.

take it slowly

if your goals are too large, you can feel overwhelmed before you have even started. when setting a goal, break it down into bite-sized stages that are easier to accomplish. if you are improving your eating habits, why not commit to replacing one meal a day with a nutritious nuut? delicious and simple to make, it is the ultimate healthy meal on the run, packed with over a third of your daily nutritional requirements. just add water or milk, shake and sip. easy!


attaching your goal to another activity you do every day is called 'habit stacking' - a term and concept invented by writer s.j. scott in his e-book habit stacking: 97 small life changes that take five minutes or less. for example, if you want to meditate regularly, plan a nightly session right before bed. having a constant cue makes it easier to train yourself to make a behaviour a habit that can make a difference.

embrace the journey

accomplishing any goal can be challenging. it takes lots of perseverance, sacrifice and hard work and we often get so caught up in the nitty-gritty of making a new habit that we forget to appreciate the experience. there's no easy way to achieve something worth doing. although it's difficult and can push you to your limits, try and enjoy every stage and success. remain grateful that you are going after your dreams.

lean on your friends

as with every difficult or challenging moment, it helps to be surrounded by support and encouragement. making friends and family aware of your plans can help you stick to them, and it also helps to hold yourself accountable when you feel like giving up. team up with a friend to update and encourage each other's progress. it's great to share your triumphs with others, and it serves as extra motivation to push through those challenging moments to the final result.

now, it's over to you

we are only a few weeks into 2023, and here at nuut, we wish you every success in meeting your goals. let us know how you are going. join the conversation at @nuutrition

here's to a happy, healthy 2023.