nuut's 10 best podcasts to binge while self - isolating

by team nuut

Looking for new ways to make self-isolation more bearable?

Here at nuut, we love a good podcast that satiates curiosities, educates, entertains and offers us new ways to traverse 2020’s new look daily grind. Here are some of our all-time favourite and new release podcasts for you to explore.

Shake-a-nuut, browse, download and thank us later.

Five Things with Lynn Hirschberg


Hollywood stars, including Margot Robbie, Nicole Kidman and Quentin Tarantino, sit down with W Magazine's Editor-at-Large Lynn Hirschberg, to talk about the five things that have made them who they are - a person, a place, an object, one positive event and one negative event.

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The Rogue


Sydney publicists Gemma Oldfield and Jessy Marshall give us a peek into the world of public relations, business, influencers and everything in between. Our favourite episode? An interview with nuut founder Adil Bux on sustainable practices, the role of traditional media and it’s rapidly evolving growth and influence on the wellness industry.

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Dear Joan and Jericha


A satirical advice podcast with two self-involved middle-aged agony aunts with humour as dry-as-toast and advice that will make your toes curl. Utterly addictive. 

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Chat 10 Looks 3


A peripatetic podcast by Australian media identities Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb on what they're reading, watching, cooking, listening to, or irrationally exhilarated by.

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Second Life


Who What Wear co-founder Hillary Kerr chats to inspiring women, including entrepreneurs Reese Witherspoon and Amanda de Cadenet, about transformative career changes that can come along at any age. Inspiring.

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Crime Junkie


Tune in every Monday as two crime junkies tell you about their current crime obsessions. The storytelling is straightforward and free of rabbit holes making it super-suspenseful and easy-to-follow. This is the perfect podcast if you can’t get enough of true crime.

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Low Tox Life


Learn how to make the very best choices for your health and our planet. Rejecting the perfect, black and white notions of there only being one way to 'do it right' , Low Tox takes a relaxed and curious approach to better choices that are easy to incorporate into everyday life.

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Where Should I begin with Esther Perel


The ultimate fly-on-the-wall experience, step into iconic couples therapist Esther Perel's office and listen-in as real couples bare the raw, intimate, and profound details of their story.

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The Beauty Brains


Your secret weapon for discovering the science behind beauty and becoming a more conscious consumer. Arm yourself with the right intel and save yourself dollars in the process.

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How to Fail with Elizabeth Day


Marriage break-ups, miscarriage, career knock-backs, says Elizabeth Day, are the big moments in life that make us who we are, so let’s not airbrush them out. Bravo! This is a podcast that will make you feel a whole lot better about life fails and how they can push us to live more authentic lives.

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