sarah deamer from Itv's 'save money lose weight' on how nuut and the 123 reset transformed her body and changed her life.

by team nuut

We catch up for a long-distance nuut with Sarah Deamer for the low-down on her weight-loss success and dream of having a baby.


Sarah has your weight always been an issue for you?

Yes always! Growing up in London I always struggled with weight gain. My diet as a child wasn’t good - lots of pub food and crisps. Both my parents worked so my Nan brought me up most of the time. She made sure I ate healthily but it was her version of healthy. Being German it was heavier food and mainly cooked in oil so really fatty.


I’m guessing you have tried every diet under the sun?

Yes, since the age of 15 I’ve been dieting and I’ve tried all of them! Weight Watchers, Atkins, the Soup and Mushroom diets. Doctors have put me on various medications and dieting pills. They either don’t work, or they do for a time and then I plateau, and my weight-loss comes to a standstill. I find with some plans I lose a stone (~6.5 kgs) and that’s it. It’s as if my body gets used to it and can’t move beyond that one stone. It is so frustrating, and then I feel defeated and eat to feel better. It’s a roller coaster.


What changed for you?

Some years ago, after splitting from my husband I had a life-changing moment.  I had never been over 20 stone (~127 kgs), and I hit the scales at 23 stone (~146 kgs). I couldn’t believe I had reached this point. I knew it was because I was finding comfort in food, but I felt so ashamed of myself. I am a typical comfort eater. My relationship with food is a difficult one.


Was that your motivation for joining Save Money Lose Weight?

Yes I wanted to have a baby but needed to do IVF. The doctors told me I needed to lose 3-4 stone (~19-25.5 kgs) to even be considered. When I joined the show, I weighed 20 stone (~127 kgs). Using nuut I lost 2 stone (~13 kgs) after just 28 days. Then I lost another stone (~ 6.5 kgs) a month or so after the show because I took a 3 week break. I ate healthily during this time though and got straight back to my nuuts afterwards. It just works so well for me.


Had you tried shakes and meal plans before nuut?

I tried heaps of other shakes but none of them worked for me. They just didn’t fill-me-up so I was always hungry. nuut completely wipes out hunger pains so I am never hungry which means I don’t snack.


How do you cope with overeating during lockdown?

It has been a real struggle - it’s so hard. I’m nannying, so forever baking cakes and cooking. I am constantly telling myself not to eat. I am sticking to the nuut 123 reset and doing some fitness.  I use an exercise bike every night and do a kids workout with the children I nanny every morning.  It’s working. I have definitely kept the 2 stone (~13 kgs) off.


Do you have strong willpower?

I try but it’s very tempting. The best way for me to get back on track is having my nuuts.  I have a photo of me at my heaviest next to one of me after I lost weight on the show. Seeing the comparison so clearly is a great motivator for me to stick to my plan.


How do you like to have your nuuts?

I just mix mine with water because I love the taste. When I first tried them, it only took me a day to adjust to the taste. I love all three blends. Depending on what I am doing or how strict I want to be with myself, I have 1, 2 or 3 nuuts a day. I spread them out 5 hours apart and find I never get hungry.


If you do get hungry, what do you like to snack on?

That’s the thing with nuut. I never get hungry so I NEVER snack.


Where are you at with your goal of having a baby?

My doctor is thrilled with my weight loss and I am off the waiting list for IVF because of Covid-19. Once life goes back to normal and I have kept the weight off, we will relook at IVF and I’ll go on Clomid medication to help me fall pregnant. Apparently, there is a high chance I will fall pregnant, and possibility with twins. Can you imagine after all of this if I had twins? That will be absolutely fine with me!