six dazzling thursday disruptors  

by team nuut

swoon over recipes like chocolate mousse with coffee and yoghurt, mood-boosting scent, and the coolest pro-planet sunnies this side of the 1970s.



onions, garlic, oil and wine are all it takes to make a rich vegan broth as delicious as classic french onion soup. cheesy toast? non-negotiable.

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forget changing your scent to match your mood. now it’s about boosting and elevating our mood with scent created using science.

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is human design the key to unlocking your purpose? created by alan krakower, who published it under the name ra uru hu, human design combines astrology, the i ching, kabbalah, quantum physics, and vedic philosophy to offer a full manual of how your energy functions, your unique genius and purpose, and how to use this information to harness your full potential. 

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yes, there's a crazy, rich asians spin-off in the works, and it’s all about astrid’s new love interest. so who is he?

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craving chocolate mousse without a side order of guilt? whip up our nuut version with coffee, sugar, creamy yoghurt, and dark chocolate.

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a chance run-in at an airport between a down-on-his-luck writer and art-world hotshot sets the scene for mouth to mouth. sly, suspenseful, and engrossing it blurs the line between opportunity and exploitation, self-respect and self-delusion.

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glamourous, oversized and earth-friendly, velvet canyon's 'silver screen' sunglasses recall bygone hollywood. crafted from low-impact acetate that's biodegradable and compostable, they're fitted with recyclable squared lenses for a chic '70s mood.