the art of beauty sleep, according to a naturopath.

by team nuut

not sleeping and feeling shattered, fatigued, and utterly knackered? could it be the full moon, stress, or that third cup of coffee at 3pm?


whatever the cause, let’s face it - sleep is everything. it gives us energy, vitality, steady moods, happy thoughts, and glowing skin. that’s right, ‘beauty sleep’ is actually a thing.


when you’re sleep deprived it shows in your face in the form of lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and less-than-rosy pallor. instead of late-night-panic-googling, we hit up sydney naturopath krystle alves for the 101 on why how to catch quality zzz, and why it’s so darn important for glow, vitality, and a fabulous complexion.



nuut: what is so important about getting a good nights sleep?


ka: everything! there’s not one client that comes through the clinic that we don’t speak to about sleep as a fundamental for healing, longevity and healthy ageing.

research shows it’s essential for healthy metabolism and weight management, 

reducing the risk of depression and anxiety disorders, healthy hormones and fertility, 

proper immune system function so we can fight off infections, and of course for healing both inside and out. essentially without proper sleep health and vitality is sure to drop.


nuut: how does a good nights sleep impact our skin?


ka: there’s been some interesting research done that shows just two nights of missing 2 hours of sleep can rate you as being less healthy and less attractive!  

of course there are countless studies that show your skin is going to heal up to 30% more effectively after a good night’s sleep. some of these e studies find that people rate their level of skin hydration and complexion to be significantly better with 7 - 9 hours of solid sleep. 


nuut: why is a nightly dose of rochway beauty sleep a fast track to quality zzz?


ka: it’s a clever product because it tackles several key areas of sleep and beauty. it’s formulated with sour cherry that contains melatonin which is the master sleep hormone, as well as hops and valerian that help calm the nervous system and reduce night time anxiety. it’s also includes collagen which possesses the building blocks required to build healthy skin and hair.


nuut: do you have a nightly sleep routine?


ka: my nighttime routine starts early with me doing my best to minimise bright light exposure from 7pm onwards.  i often spend at least a half hour doing some gentle yoga, deep breathing or meditation. i start my beauty sleep usually an hour or two before bed with my led face mask. i use this right when i want to drift off. it really helps me slip into sleep.


nuut: what is the best piece of beauty advice you have ever been given?


ka: being a beauty therapist and naturopath, i’ve read and heard lots of beauty advice over the years.  my favourite one i try my best to apply came from audrey hepburn - “happy girls are the prettiest girls”


nuut: what are your top tips for glowing from the inside and out?


ka: do the small things every day:


  • sip a nuut
  • drink enough water
  • move your body even if it’s just 30 minutes
  • breathe deeply. even just 2 minutes can change your blood chemistry for the better.
  • eat at least 5 serves of veggies daily
  • get enough protein or take good quality supplements to fill in the gaps
  • minimise the scars…. sugar, caffeine, alcohol, radicals (free radicals), stress (mental and emotional)


nuut: what advice would you give to people who are struggling with getting a good nights sleep?


ka: it’s totally normal for all of us to experience bouts of poor sleep, so don’t be too hard on yourself. if it continues for a prolonged period, reach out to a good naturopath who can give you the skills and tools to help you get back on track.