here are the wellness trends we'll all be trying in 2022.

by team nuut

from rducetarianism 🤔 and sunflower butter to embracing your full body biome, these are the wellness products and trends we'll be dipping into this year. 

sunflower seeds

our future favourite non-dairy alternative, sunflower seeds, doesn't rely on almonds or oats. packed with protein and healthy fats, use in place of tree nuts in bread, crackers, and butters (sunflower butter is said to taste even better than peanut butter!). subtle in flavour, sunflower seeds provide an almost tasteless canvas for whatever flavours you add to it. we're eyeing off ben & jerry’s vegan ice cream made with sunflower butter and adding sunflower seeds to our daily nuuts. 😋


yuca, or cassava, a starchy south american root vegetable, is having its superfood moment 🤩. used as a new veggie and grain-free alternative for pasta and tortillas, we love it for its super high levels of vitamin c, antioxidants, and potassium. 

high tech meditation

meditation is going digital this year. gadgets like muse 2’s headpiece are set to quiet our minds. with the ability to provide responsive sound feedback for brain waves, heart, body and breath, moving into a zen state has never been simpler, or more exciting!

hibiscus flowers

hibiscus flowers are more than simply beautiful - it turns out they’re packed with vitamin c, too 🌺. this year we're slipping one behind our ears and looking for it in everything from sparkling sodas to spreadable fruits. 


a new trend, rducetarianism, helps reduce our impact on the planet by being more mindful of the types of foods we're eating. so, if you're a plant-curious eater who isn't ready to give up meat entirely, reducetarianism allows you to reduce your meat consumption, dairy and eggs without eliminating them altogether. it's a little like having your cake and eating it too. we're in!


auditory experiences are striking new chords in the world of wellness this year. from personalised soundscapes informed by artificial intelligence to an interest in ancient techniques, psychoacoustics is the term to know in 2022 (because sound bathing is so 2021 😉)

full-body biome.

research and interest in the microbiome continue to soar as we learn more and more about the complex intricacies between the organisms living on, in and around us. this year, it will pull even more focus as we gain a clearer picture of how to care for each of these unique eco-niches.


over kale? meet moringa, the green of the moment. rich in more than 90 nutrients and known for its medicinal properties, it has been used consistently in ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. brew a daily pot to boost the immune system, aid vision health, improve the metabolism, and stimulate blood circulation.