renuut bundle
renuut bundle
renuut bundle
renuut bundle
renuut bundle
renuut bundle

renuut bundle

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we’re kicking 2020 to the curb! renuut is an exclusive 28 day workout and meal plan of deliciously plant-based recipes designed to help you get lean, feel lighter, glow, and feel ready to tackle a brand new year. 

in 28 days the renuut aims to help you:

  • nudge kilos
  • smash cravings
  • improve gut health for better digestion
  • increase energy levels
  • improve absorption of nutrients from food
  • encourage quality sleep
  • make your skin glow

what’s included:

  • daily workout of 8 moves for fat-burning and toning
  • 56 plant-based nuut shakes in your choice of chocolate blend
  • nuut x Thermos bottle
  • 28 day downloadable plant-based meal plan, including nutritionist-approved recipes

how it works:

renuut includes an exclusive daily workout and 28 days of nuuts, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. each dish is satisfying, simple to make, and big on whole unprocessed ingredients (and flavour!). we put creative spins on dishes we already love—curries, spaghetti and noodles —and provide back-pocket weight loss tricks you can use beyond these dishes. 

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nuut can assist weight-management, improve gut health, reduce inflammation, increase satiety, and simply make you feel better.

Mix one sachet with 350ml-500ml of liquid. Shake well with water for a low-calorie option or your favourite nut milk for a lovely creamy consistency.