want to transform your body, and fast?

whether you follow keto or just want to give it a whirl, the nuut keto plan makes it easy. turn fat into fuel, improve your health and shift those stubborn kilos. fast.

what is keto?

the keto diet is a lower-carb, higher-fat eating plan where carbohydrate intake is significantly minimised so that your body uses fat (converted to ketones), rather than carbs, for energy. this metabolic state is called ketosis.


eat healthy 

(delicious) fats


lipase breaks

down stored fats


fatty acids travel

to the liver


liver produces ketones!

nuut makes keto easy

although keto is a super-effective fat loss strategy, it can be harder to follow than other eating styles due to the legwork and time in finding and preparing foods that include the macronutrient breakdown (i. e. higher fat, lower carb).

nuut makes it easy with a well-balanced keto shake blend that is nourishing, deliciously addictive, plant-based, low in carbs and high in good fats (protein: 12.8g / fats: 12.3g / carbs: 9.9g / fibre: 1.3 g).

just add water or plant-based milk, shake and go.

protein: 12.8g | fats: 12.3g | carbs: 9.9g | fibre: 1.3g

in 28 days, nuut keto aims to help you:

  • burn excess body fat quickly

  • reduce total cholesterol, which helps improve heart health

  • help manage blood glucose control and reduce insulin

  • regulate sugar metabolism

  • improve brain fog

  • lower inflammation

  • balance hormones

  • eliminate sugar cravings

doctor michael hauck 

phd. chief science officer

what the dr says

"the reason people lose fat while doing keto is that hunger decreases, forcing more fat to come out of storage for energy than goes in. without constant insulin spikes, your body can take advantage of leptin-induced satiety. with insulin levels low on a regular basis, fat is pulled out of fat cells more readily and the body gets used to burning fat for energy.” 

ready to keto?

we answer your most pressing questions and give you guidelines on what you can eat (hello butter and bacon!) and what to steer well clear of.

keto-curious? here's 

everything you need to know

butter-laced coffee. fried eggs. an avalanche of bacon. these are the culinary promises of keto, that lure stars like halle berry and lebron james to lose weight quickly. yet there is so much more you need to do to get the very best out of keto. we’ve done the legwork for you.