nuut x SpeedFit

ready, set, SpeedFit!

welcome to nuut, delicious nutritionally complete shakes formulated using science and plant-based ingredients. Our blends are super-high in protein and designed to give your body exactly what it requires for the SpeedFit Challenge

why nuut?

  • helps you lose weight

  • fills you up and smashes cravings

  • improves gut health for better digestion

  • increases energy levels

  • improves absorption for nutrients from food

  • encourages quality sleep

  • makes your skin glow

how to nuut

not only is nuut brimming with benefits, it’s also versatile and easy-to-make.

simply add to 350-500ml of filtered water or plant-based milk then shake and sip.

or pimp your nuut for a delicious and full-flavoured meal-on-the-go.

30 second nuuts

nuut + 350ml water + frozen banana + ice + 3 almonds

nuut + 350ml water + 3 almonds + ¼ avocado + pinch sea salt

nuut + 350ml almond milk + espresso shot + ice

add to a blender, blitz and sip (and thank us later).

what's included in a SpeedFit 8 Week Challange?

  • 12 or 16 of our 20-minute SpeedFit sessions over 8 weeks

  • personalised training and support

  • 2 photographs, completed before and after the challenge

  • 3x body composition scans & body measurement sessions

  • comprehensive nutrition guide & ongoing nutrition support
  • challenger online nutritional seminar & weekly hangouts

  • complimentary garment hire

  • access to our private Facebook group where you can share your progress with your fellow challengers

  • a $20 donation to Starlight Children's Foundation


“I have 2 more kilos to lose and nuut makes it super-easy. Once those kilos are off, I am going to maintain my weight with a nuut everyday for breakfast.” Maria

“I use nuut as a multivitamin (each meal is packed with vitamins and minerals) and to keep my weight in check. I have daily nuuts Monday through to Friday, so I can relax and indulge on weekends.” Eliza

“nuut is an easy solution for lunch in the office. I have three children and by the time I have made a different packed lunch for them, it leaves no time to think about what I might be having. Problem solved.” Olive

exclusive SpeedFit offer

nuut is thrilled to offer SpeedFit Challenge participants an exclusively delicious offer. 

4 box bundle 

what's included:

  • 4x paleo boxes
  • 1x nuut drink bottle

usually $341

SpeedFit Challenge offer $259

+ free shipping

8 box bundle

what's included:

  • 8x paleo boxes
  • 1x nuut drink bottle

usually $657

SpeedFit Challenge offer $499

+ free shipping

Hurry - order now whilst stocks last!