three chocolate taster pack

three chocolate taster pack

chocolate flavour

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the nuut range of nourishing chocolate blends are formulated to provide complex wholefood nutrition to your daily diet, simply and effectively. they also work synergistically with today’s most prominent, evidence-based eating styles - keto, paleo, vegan and fasting.

daily balance blend tastes like the best quality milk chocolate - smooth, creamy and naturally sweet.

low-carb and perfectly balanced, it’s our best-selling blend.

20.1g protein, 4.9g fat, 14.3g carbohydrates and 4.4g of dietary fibre.

keto blend lovely, light chocolate flavour that truly satisfies.

low in carbs and high in good fats.

12.8g protein, 12.3g fat, 9.9g carbohydrates and 1.3g of dietary fibre.

paleo blend rich, deeply delicious and tasting of dark chocolate.

high in protein and low in carbohydrates.

23.5g protein, 5.3g fat, 12.4g carbohydrates and 4.2g of dietary fibre.

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nuut can assist weight-management, improve gut health, reduce inflammation, increase satiety, and simply make you feel better.

Mix one sachet with 350ml-500ml of liquid. Shake well with water for a low-calorie option or your favourite nut milk for a lovely creamy consistency.